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Mastering tomorrow: The law firm CFO’s blueprint for technology-driven excellence

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As a finance leader in a law firm, you understand that a digital transformation journey is a necessity to keep pace with the world’s increasing complexity. While spreadsheets and paper-based workflows can be helpful, they alone are no longer suitable for running a profitable law firm, much less for engaging in efficient financial planning and management. Using the full value of financial and operational data is the key to unlocking long-term success for law firms.

So, do you have the tools and processes to be a modern CFO? How efficiently are you using emerging technologies and business management tools including AI platforms to manage your firm effectively and tailor your strategic endeavors?

AI is a powerful automation tool that can take over repetitive, manual tasks, thereby freeing up precious resources such as time and money. AI supports the finance function not only in planning, budgeting, and forecasting, but it also provides the basis for any kind of planning needed throughout the enterprise – for client acquisition, HR, sales, or marketing.

According to a study, 92% of law firms planned to increase their adoption of AI to use for legal analytics. While 73% are already using AI to gain competitive insights, 59% rely on AI to assess cases and 48% use it for case strategy.

Along with AI, law firms are using cloud-based solutions not just for increased efficiency and mobility but also as a faster route to insight-driven decision-making and business outcomes.

Watch this webinar with Microsoft where we dive into the new technologies that law firm CFOs can leverage to lead the transformative change. By integrating solutions that leverage the foundational power of cloud platforms combined with intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, CFOs can effectively manage surging data, transform legacy systems, handle business complexity, streamline processes, and comply with regulations and threats.


  • The transformative shift in the CFO’s role as a chief future officer
  • How finance teams can leverage AI-driven insights for accurate and efficient practices
  • The role of cloud solutions in law firms as an engine for efficiency and informed decision-making
  • How Microsoft’s powerful tools, including Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Copilot, amplify the positive impact of AI-driven solutions for law firms

Who should watch

  • CFOs, Finance Directors, Finance leaders and managers, and finance teams in law firms


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