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Integrating Finance and Projects: The Power of People-driven Profitability

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To maximize project profitability, drive growth, and be competitive, project-driven organizations need an agile, forward-thinking, and strategic approach to financial management. Finance teams need access to meaningful, role-based data analytics to drive day-to-day decisions – spot opportunities and threats, make accurate budgets and forecasts, optimize margins on projects, drive revenue, maintain a positive cash flow, etc.

Instead of rolling the dice and hoping that every project will be profitable, the best run firms invest in technology to uncover insights, reduce costs, and achieve more. A Modern Finance organization is one that is uniquely positioned to leverage technology to deliver intelligent business insights, drive real-time decisions, enable an agile workforce, and elevate business performance.

Modern Finance initiatives traverse across every area of finance, using technology to solve problems and deliver impact.

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting: Transforming legacy systems and tools to increase insight and productivity
  • Strategy and Forecasting: Driving forward-looking forecasting and strategic decision making
  • Business Process Automation: Enabling greater efficiency through chatbots and automated workflows
  • Risk and Compliance: Harnessing technology to mitigate and proactively control risk

At the epicentre of the evolution of Modern Finance organizations are finance leaders, who must be prepared to navigate this new landscape by investing in technology that supports organizational growth.

This webinar with Microsoft dives deeper into the pillars of Modern Finance and how CFOs can lead the transformative change. By integrating solutions that leverage the foundational power of cloud platforms combined with intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, CFOs can effectively manage surging data, transform legacy systems, handle business complexity, streamline processes, and comply with regulations and threats.



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