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Inspiring women in technology to shape the future

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Women make up a significant proportion of the tech workforce and are shaping our digital world. You Tube, for example has 30% of its workforce constituted by women. In China, 55% of internet start-ups are founded by women. From Lucy Peng, one of the co-founders of the ecommerce giant Alibaba to Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO and Founder of the dating app Bumble, Reshma Saujani – the Founder-CEO of Girls Who Code, Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX, and of course, Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most recognized names in the world of tech, women are making an impact in technology. If they are not stepping into an existing business, they are creating or co-founding a new concept.

Despite the inspiration provided by individual stories of success, building a career in technology can be challenging for women. How do we as a community provide more opportunities to women who are interested in working and staying in the tech industry? Technology for one, provides the tools to overcome some of the historical challenges faced by women allowing more flexible working options and opportunities. Companies have also recognized that having a more diverse and inclusive workforce positively contributes to an organization’s culture and business outcomes.

A background in technology opens doors to many dream jobs. And you don’t have to start with an advanced degree. Whether you are entering tech as a new grad or pivoting from another industry, hear from our Women’s Day panel comprising inspiring women who got their start and found their passion for technology. They discuss the key factors to their career success and the ways they are encouraging more women to enter and build a long-lasting career in technology.

Our panel also provides practical advice for how you can navigate your career as a woman in tech, build strong networking skills, gain visibility, create your brand, be brave, and pave the way for other women. For the women who choose to embrace technology and build a career, the opportunities are limitless.


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