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From client promise to delivery: Bridging the gap

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Sales: “You didn’t meet the project deadline.”

Project Delivery: “You didn’t quote the right hours.”

Finance: “Your sales volumes are not resulting in profitability.”

If you run a project-based business, you are probably familiar with these challenges. For service organizations, once an opportunity is won by the sales team, the project delivery or service team takes ownership and is responsible to deliver on what was sold.

Often, CRM software solutions end with the sales phase. The delivery team then works with a separate system to manage the project lifecycle leading to a disconnect between the two teams. Meanwhile, the finance team relies on yet another system to define budgets, forecasts, and actuals causing further fragmentation and silos.

But isn’t there a better way to manage this, you might ask.

  • How do you align the different functions in a project-driven business?
  • How can sales teams have a long-term view of what to sell? How can they scope project, revenue, and resource management effectively?
  • How can project delivery teams translate the scope into a successful delivery? How can they gain a forward view of what is being sold?

The solution lies in a connected system that brings together your sales and marketing, project delivery, and finance functions on a single platform that everyone can easily access and use. In this unified system, a won opportunity becomes a project in the system and the information and milestones presented to the client can be accessed by the delivery and finance teams. Tasks and budget can be tracked against each milestone, time entries can be created with ease, and everyone has real-time visibility into the project status, including variations in estimated, billable, and actual hours.

Join our webinar with Microsoft as we explore how you can bridge gaps and create a seamless, integrated system for your project-based business. Learn how Microsoft technologies combined with’s vertical specific solution evergreen + empower bring together your data and processes so that your sales team can accurately scope and price projects; delivery teams can match the right resources to projects and costs to skills, and finance team can refine forecasts based on pipeline data.


  • The challenges of aligning diverse functions in a project-based business
  • The role of Microsoft Dynamics business applications in reducing friction in service organizations
  • Introduction to’s industry-specific solution evergreen + empower built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to win/execute profitable projects

Who should watch

Project delivery heads, finance leaders, C-suite, and decision makers in a project-focused business





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