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Employee experience: Shaping the ‘new possible’ with Microsoft technology

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As the pandemic resets major work trends, HR leaders need to rethink workforce and employee planning, management, performance, and experience strategies. Remote/ hybrid work models and the Great Resignation have not only brought the HR function in the center of action but have also cemented HR’s seat at the table during conversations on workplace transformation.

Addressing HR priorities with Microsoft

As a business leader, you now understand the value of investing in modern HR systems. This webcast offers an exciting tour of how Microsoft is uniquely positioned among all software vendors when it comes to HR tech. Microsoft’s integrated HR solution traverses talent acquisition, learning and development, employee experience, compensation and payroll, and people analytics. Combine that with Microsoft Viva – the employee experience platform, and you can bring powerful insights to action, close the skill gap, boost productivity, and build a cohesive hybrid work culture.

Why HR matters now more than ever?

Employee experience:
With hybrid work structures and remote working, organizations need to reimagine opportunities for remote relationship building and digital interactions. This also means re-designing the employee experience in such a way that they don’t lose people, but instead, get them to want to stay. Putting people first, defining shared sense of purpose and community, building an inclusive work culture, improving communication, and redefining benefits are some of the steps companies are taking to create a high-quality employee experience.

Skill management:
It’s no longer just about finding the right person for the right job, but also about identifying gaps and providing training to create a versatile workforce that demonstrates competence.

In the changing hiring landscape, finding new talent is a challenge. Companies have to tailor their offerings with an emphasis on work, life values, and culture to attract talent to their business and retain employees to support and grow the business.


  • Introduction to
  • The role of HR in a Professional Services organization
  • HR challenges of the ‘third age’
  • HR in the ‘flow of work’: The Microsoft way

Who should watch?

  • HR practitioners
  • Professionals responsible for HR services and employee experience within an organization


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