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empower offers a suite of productivity apps specifically crafted for project-based businesses such as Advertising and Marketing, Accounting, AEC, CROs, IT Consulting, and Legal. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Power Platform, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365, these apps integrate your data, business logic, and processes to empower your firm, sales, and people with management reporting, time and billing, analytics and insights, collaborative tools, and client relationship insights.

empower your firm, people, and sales

empower your firm

  • Reporting
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Workflow and Automation

empower your people

  • Collaborative tools
  • AI Powered Virtual Assistants
  • Productivity Business Apps

empower your sales

  • Client insights
  • Client intelligence
  • Relationship insights
  • Business and Mobile apps
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • New Business Intake Apps
"Fieldfisher saw the highest ever utilization recorded in March 2021, using the sa.global time app, after the first month of implementation."
~ Mike Giles, Finance Director, Fieldfisher

empower your firm

empower finance insights app for better decision making

empower finance

Get data-driven financial insights that provide an analysis of key financial metrics and balance sheet accounts to drive decision-making.

empower cash flow intelligence

empower cash flow intelligence

Create a picture of what your future cash balance will look like. Use predictive modelling to improve the accuracy of future predictions by looking at historical trends of payments.

empower your people

empower assistant

empower assistant

Get functionalities, information, and notifications from different products and applications into Microsoft Teams for a smart and efficient way of working.
empower Time app for accuracy of billable hours

empower time

A cloud-based solution, accessible anytime, anywhere to help you increase the accuracy of billable hours, manage work efficiently, and enhance productivity and profitability.
Approval App for efficient approval workflow

empower approval

Reduce delay/ inefficiencies in approval workflow and optimize purchasing/ expense management process with a single app to handle all your approvals.
Resource Insights for maximized resource utilization

empower resource

Efficiently plan project-based resources to ensure maximum utilization, with dashboards that provide resource profile and capacity with comparisons of forecast and actual realization.
empower pulse

empower pulse

A focused workspace embedded in Microsoft Teams that provides easy access to key information, actions, and insights, helping every employee to be more efficient each day.

empower your sales

Client Insights for accurate and intelligent client analytics

empower client

Gain up-to-date, accurate, and intelligent client analytics – projects, revenue, and client satisfaction – when you want it in a single dashboard, for better decision making.
empower new business intake

empower onboard

Streamline your new business intake process by configuring processes like credit worthiness, risk assessment, conflict search, etc., and assign tasks to the right people.

empower your industry

empower is created with industry-specific functionality for law firms, CROs, advertising and media agencies, and IT consulting firms. At sa.global, we bring our 30+ years of experience as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner and our expertise in the professional services industry to make the solution unique for each business.


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