Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources
(formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent)

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (which was earlier known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent) manages your biggest asset – your employees. With a focus on people, the application handles all related functions, from recruitment and onboarding to management and Human Capital Management (HCM) reporting.

The application’s features and capabilities such as integration with LinkedIn, Microsoft Power BI dashboards and interactive analytics ensure that the entire management of human resources is optimized. Acting as a single platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources unites information silos, enables data-driven decision making, and instils a culture of collaboration, progression, and transparency - all in a way to make the HR function a center of operational excellence and employee empowerment.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is bundled with a rich set of features and capabilities to streamline onboarding processes, build relationships, and enhance employee productivity.
Dynamics 365 HR Optimize Processes
  • Optimize employee onboarding processes by sharing relevant resources with new hires and connecting them with their peers.
  • Connect with other Microsoft ERP and CRM applications to join the conversation, manage workloads on a single integrated platform, and make informed decisions.
Dynamics 365 HR Employee Development
  • Use interactive analytics to identify employee skill gaps and address them by creating learning courses.
  • Motivate employees to proactively pursue such courses by linking them to their annual performance targets.
  • Facilitate performance reviews to ensure employees are meeting their objectives.
Dynamics 365 HR Empower Employees
  • Gain a 360-degree and real-time view of all your employees – from job descriptions, skills, hierarchies, and the organization structure.
  • Automate processes, workflows, and task management.
  • Provide an intuitive and customizable interface to enhance efficiency.
  • Bring data to life by leveraging Microsoft Power BI reporting dashboards and advanced analytics.
  • Empower managers with a real-time system to track accomplishments, identify issues, and take corrective actions immediately.
Dynamics 365 HR - Optimize HR policies
  • Provide visibility into open enrolment by sharing streamlined guides.
  • Create a meaningful and customized compensation program and ensure effectiveness with sandbox testing.
  • Define leave and absence policies, including flexible working and leave carry forward rules.
  • Deliver payroll, budgets, and tax filings by integrating payroll providers like Ceridian Dayforce.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Benefits, an 11-time Microsoft Partner of the Year, is well-equipped to effectively implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources to help you leverage its capabilities and drive benefits across HR functions, from onboarding to performance evaluation.

Human resource management solution
  • Streamline and simplify onboarding and other HR processes
  • Enhance productivity by shortening time-to-hire and setting priorities for employees
  • Boost employee morale with effective administration of benefits and appraisals
  • Create a positive and collaborative work environment by building relationships
  • Free up time for HR to work on strategic initiatives via automation of repetitive processes
  • Take informed decisions with a 360-degree view of all employees portfolio

Company overview: An industry-leading IT distributor with over 600 employees and 20+ regional offices across EMEA

Client situation

  • Required a solution that would work in tandem with their existing payroll provider and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Need for managing employee data securely
  • Wanted visibility across HR functions with the need for information to be stored in a single place rather than across systems and spreadsheets
  • Sought a future-ready solution that could handle business growth


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent (now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations


  • Eliminated manual HR processes
  • Improved visibility into HR and finance processes
  • Better decision-making with access to analytics and unified data

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