There’s a lot of ERP, BI, AI, and Cloud data out there.

You’ve sifted through it for hours and have collected it for months.

We’ve been implementing it for years.

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Questions come in all shapes and sizes.
From, "How do I decide between SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics?" to, "How do I pick a partner?" or "Does AI really matter to me right now?"
Whatever your question is, just AskUs. Ask Us

Don’t talk to strangers. AskUs.

Why us, you ask? Because we have been here for over 30 years. And, you know us.
And with all the competing opinions, papers, and press on best cloud platform practices on the internet,
it just makes sense to hear from industry experts and let us hear from you.
We believe if you like our style and approach to challenges when the time comes,
you will reach out to for our enterprise growth, profitability products, and services.


The story behind'AskUs.'

A year ago,, led by Stephen James - CEO and Founder, had a reboot for the Americas, led by Matt Calderwood - CRO, and Ben Campbell-Barry - COO. Matt and Ben describe their environment as getting the right people on the bus. A concept from the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.

This reboot brought together a new staff of consultants. 90% of these consultants have been on this bus together in the past. To get on the bus, there is only one simple rule: No big egos and no overshadowing personalities. Just a group of people working together for our clients in a spirit of helpfulness.

Today, Americas is extending this helpfulness to the enterprise business application community at large. Because there is a great deal of data, opinions, papers, and press on best cloud platform practices. We are saying when you are curious, AskUs. This is not a marketing ploy but a ‘get to know us’ method because there is room on our bus to discuss, debate, and create with subject matter experts, industry experts, and solution technology experts.

So, when you see the question marker, AskUs.

Just click and AskUs a question. One of our moderators will match your question to an advisor and we will be back in touch! Ask Us

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