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Vikram Franklin

Chief Marketing Officer

Vikram Franklin

Vikram Franklin heads global marketing at He has more than 25 years of experience in marketing IT services and solutions globally. Vikram joined in 2005 and has been at the heart of the transformative journey that the company has gone through to rise to be one of the top partners worldwide.

With a degree in Computer Science from St Stephen’s College, Delhi, he moved to work in London and then Glasgow before completing his MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Glasgow. He then moved back to India to work with 3i Infotech and Polaris Software Labs.

After having lived the life of a Navy-brat, where he moved every 15 months, and grew up and was schooled in over 13 schools across the world, Vikram has now settled down and lives in Bangalore with his wife and German Shepherd. An avid landscape photographer, you will find him pursuing his passion in the mountains or by the sea or mentoring classes on the finer aspects of composition and photography.