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A team of visionaries with a straightforward mission - a global team built to respect and be inclusive of each other, constantly empowering their colleagues, our clients, and our stakeholders to work towards achieving our collective goals. Our Global Leadership Team draws on decades of experience across industries to steer the course for the future and guide to achieve its strategic goals.
Meet the people that hold us together.

Executive Committee

Stephen James
Stephen JamesCEO and Founder
Ben Campbell-Barry
Ben Campbell-BarryChief Operating Officer
Geoffrey Ghyoot
Geoffrey GhyootChief Financial Officer
Kapil Gupta
Kapil GuptaChief Revenue Officer
Vikram Franklin
Vikram FranklinChief Marketing Officer
Henrik Salicath
Henrik SalicathChief Strategy Officer
Jim Willsher
Jim WillsherChief Technology Officer
Mourad Jbiha
Mourad JbihaChief People Officer
Calla Barras
Calla BarrasGlobal Delivery Director
Matt Calderwood
Matt CalderwoodManaging Director
Karl Fonteneau
Karl FonteneauWestern Europe

Business and Functional Heads

Paul Foster
Paul FosterHead - Software
Amit Ghosh
Amit GhoshHead – Managed Services
Srdjan Curcic
Srdjan CurcicHead - Global Resourcing

Country and Regional Heads

Neill Hills-Johnes
Neill Hills-JohnesRegional Director - APAC
Kazuo Shido
Kazuo ShidoJapan
Ivan Xu
Ivan XuChina
Younous Hizebry
Younous HizebryFrance
Jaana Nylund
Jaana NylundNordics
Mohamed Dounnasr
Mohamed DounnasrMorocco
Edward Lau
Edward LauASEAN
Sebastian Grassl
Sebastian GrasslGermany
Matt Calderwood
Matt CalderwoodAmericas

Heads of Global Service Centers

Olya Gakovic
Olya GakovicSerbia
Maria Fernanda Grisales
Maria Fernanda GrisalesColombia
Rajesh Kosuri
Rajesh KosuriIndia


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