Homebuilders benefit from a strategic partnership that integrates advanced technology, streamlining home construction for enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and a single source of truth in the Microsoft Cloud.

Chicago, IL – February 13, 2024: HomebuilderONE, the Microsoft Cloud-based ERP for homebuilders, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Hyphen Solutions, a pioneer in cloud-based residential construction technology. This collaboration aims to connect HomebuilderONE’s business management software, with Hyphen’s flagship construction management and supply chain software, BuildPro, empowering builders with flexible scheduling options and leveraging the latest in modern homebuilding solutions.

HomebuilderONE: Powering homebuilding with a unified platform

HomebuilderONE, the leading ERP for homebuilders on the Microsoft Cloud, delivers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for streamlined home construction. From land acquisition to warranty management, the platform enables consistency in data for reporting and actioning, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. Homebuilders can effortlessly scale with market conditions and acquisitions and maximize resources to deliver complex projects on time using the Microsoft cloud-based platform.

BuildPro: Transforming construction management

BuildPro, recognized as North America’s largest supply chain and residential construction management software solution, is set to revolutionize the industry further through this partnership. With its cloud-based platform, BuildPro offers real-time information access, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in construction scheduling and supply chain management. With this strategic partnership, builders can produce more efficiently while optimizing costs, ensuring the highest levels of operational efficiency.

HomebuilderONE and Hyphen Solutions: Driving innovation in homebuilding technology

Through HomebuilderONE’s partnership with Hyphen Solutions, these organizations continue to lead the industry in providing innovative software solutions. With the connection to HomebuilderONE, Hyphen reinforces its commitment to connecting systems, data, and teams in residential construction, further empowering homebuilders and trades to succeed in a competitive market.

This partnership opens doors for homebuilders who have BuildPro to modernize with a Microsoft-cloud ERP, offering them enhanced scalability and access to a robust ecosystem of tools and services tailored for the construction industry’s evolving needs.

About HomebuilderONE, part of sa.global

HomebuilderONE is an end-to-end business management system on the Microsoft Cloud purpose-built for and with homebuilders. It empowers homebuilders to harness the capabilities of Microsoft’s unified cloud platform, ensuring scalability, data unification, and streamlined processes. This results in the construction of homes with greater accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency. Moreover, Microsoft’s native tools—Power BI, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and Azure—seamlessly connect teams in the way they work. For more information, visit www.saglobal.com/HomebuilderONE.

About Hyphen Solutions

Celebrating 25 years in 2024, Hyphen continues to strengthen and innovate, to help homebuilders and suppliers resolve business challenges and increase efficiency and collaboration in a unified platform. As the leading provider of cloud-based residential construction technology, 1 in 3 new homes in America is built with Hyphen’s software. Hyphen’s full-cycle software suite is uniquely tailored for builders and suppliers and is designed to support their businesses at every stage. Before, during, and beyond the build, Hyphen serves as the ultimate hub for comprehensive residential construction software solutions. For more information, visit www.hyphensolutions.com.