Terry Petrzelka’s decades of experience in corporate leadership and the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem are a great fit for sa.global to steward the company to the next stage of growth.

Chicago, IL – November 30, 2022: sa.global, the awarded Microsoft partner, is delighted to announce the appointment of Terry Petrzelka to the sa.global Board, with effect from November 2022. Terry will serve as an advisory non-executive member and will draw on his vast experience with the Microsoft Business Applications channel to provide independent advice and perspective at sa.global.

Terry is well-known in the Microsoft landscape – he was the founder and CEO of Tectura Corporation and the driving force behind the growth of the company, making it one of the leading Microsoft global partners in the Dynamics ecosystem.

Commenting on the announcement, Stephen James, Founder and CEO, sa.global stated: “Tectura’s global footprint and growth very closely mirrored sa.global’s, which makes Terry’s experience extremely relevant to us. Terry has worked closely with Microsoft and in the Dynamics partner channel for over 20 years. All of this makes Terry’s experience a perfect match for sa.global. I am honored to welcome him to the Board, and I know that we will benefit from his leadership and expertise.”

“It is a privilege to join sa.global’s Board at such an exciting time for the company. I have watched sa.global’s progress closely over the last 20 years. A fast growing and ambitious company, sa.global occupies a unique niche in the market and has huge potential for further growth. I look forward to engaging with the team to further develop the business, work on the growth strategy, strengthen sa.global’s culture and values, and advise them on these areas as I join the team journey,” shared Terry.

Since Tectura, Terry has been running a successful practice providing executive and management consulting and coaching. He also sits on the board of other channel partners and software companies including ArcherPoint and SignUp Software North America.

About sa.global

sa.global empowers project-based organizations to achieve more by simplifying the complexities of businesses powered by profitable projects. It is our sole focus. Our solutions and services are 100% based on Microsoft business applications and the Microsoft cloud. We leverage these to drive profitability and realization through collaboration, connected experiences, and real-time business insights.

Leveraging 32 years of real-world experience, we are an 11-time winner of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award and have been a part of Microsoft’s elite Inner Circle for 10 years. Our global organization has a 1000-member team across 25 countries offering industry-specific solutions to project-based businesses. With over 800,000 users in 80 countries around the world relying on sa.global’s industry-focused expertise to power project success, we are the go-to Partner for project-based businesses across the globe. For more information, visit www.saglobal.com.