In the Europe office, it’s hard to miss the reports of our team’s ‘doggos’ and ‘wooftas’. Vicki West, of Europe’s accounting team, decided last year to take her love and commitment to dogs to a new level and campaigned for a dog walking day at the Cardiff Dogs Home. It was an initiative well received (unsurprisingly) by the team and two dog walking days were swiftly booked.

Over December and January, team members embarked (get it?) on a journey to the Cardiff Dogs Home, sporting their fleeces, for a day not only to give back to our community, but also have a LOT of fun. The team also presented a donation on the day to support the care of the dogs and the hard work of the people at Cardiff Dogs Home. To find out more about volunteering at Cardiff Dogs Home, please visit their website at – and if you do sign up for a dog walking day, don’t be surprised if you see a few team members there. It was an experience enjoyed so much it’s become a regular activity for many!

Below please see some snaps from the day!

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