has been handpicked as one of the Microsoft ISV Development Centers by Microsoft in an effort to launch the ISV Center program

Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft ISV Development Center program during the first day of Inspire held between July 9-14. Microsoft identified, recruited and vetted 7 ISV Development Centers, with being named as one of the seven inaugural partners in this prestigious program.

The core purpose of these Microsoft ISV Development Centers (Dev Centers) will be to provide strong third-party technical services that can be contracted and leveraged by Microsoft’s Partners (VARs, ISVs, NSIs, GSIs, etc.) and customer.

microsoft isv development center

Microsoft Partners and their Customers may leverage Microsoft ISV Development Centers to assist them with projects involving Microsoft technologies they are not yet familiar with, or they may leverage the Dev Centers to provide them with additional bandwidth and scale on projects involving Microsoft technologies they are already supporting. underwent a rigorous vetting process; meeting staff experience, qualifications, and certifications requirements, submitting over 50 customer references, maintaining high customer satisfaction scores, following a quality assurance plan, and proving our capability on delivering services in a structured manner around Microsoft Dynamics.

Dev Centers receive Level 400 training and support from Microsoft R&D teams, and Microsoft extends their invitation to these Dev Centers to participate in new technology previews, beta programs, and technology adopter programs (TAP), to make certain that they are ready to support new technologies and new versions of existing technologies before they are released to the market.

“ has a strong track record in working with ISVs to help get their solutions curated on AppSource as well as plenty of experience in working on development projects with ISVs in supporting their product development on Microsoft Dynamics. was selected as one of the launch ISV Development Center partners based on this strong technical expertise as well their record of customer satisfaction.” Pat Fitzhenry, Director, Microsoft ISV Development Centers.

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