Copenhagen, 23rd October, 2007

In order to achieve our goal of being the leading Global Microsoft Dynamics Partner, over the past 18 months has been aggressively expanding its presence around the world. 20 months ago we were primarily present in Western Europe and India.

Today, we have growing businesses in 5 continents. We’ve spread our presence in Asia to cover the Middle-East, South-East Asia and the Far East, been recognized as the leading Partner in Brazil and now have one of the best Sales & Delivery teams in the US. Our customers over the past 20 months reflect this new philosophy – they are multinational, global companies who have looked towards to support their implementations on a Global Level.

In an effort to reflect this ‘Globalisation’ and give the Group a more Global Identity, has adopted a new logo. The new logo will be introduced at Convergence EMEA at Copenhagen.

“Though our logo has changed, our overall goal remains the same: we are committed to providing Microsoft and our Customers with the opportunity to work with a single, high quality Microsoft Dynamics Partner no matter where they are located in the world.” said Stephen James, Group Chairman and CEO.

The biggest change to the logo was the addition of the Spinning Globe suggesting not only a Global Company, but a modern, forward moving and dynamic company and that is reflected in the way we conduct business.’s signature blue colour is used to express Depth, Expertise, and Stability. Gone from the new design is the nuclear symbol, which played a prominent role in the original logo for the past 17 years.

We have changed our logo, we have changed our web site to a new look, and we will, in this step by step approach, soon change the entire ‘look and feel’ of our visual identity. But we are not only working on our exterior. We have also worked intensely with developing our structure and processes to support this globalisation of the Group. We enhance our professional standard by the day and yet we want to assure you that we are the same organisation, with the same expert, personal approach, and the same care for our customers as before.


About provides global solutions and services around Microsoft Dynamics™ AX.
Established since 1990 with implementation experience in over 47 countries worldwide, our reach extends across the globe via our offices across 5 continents.  Our Centres of Excellence in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin America provide consistent roll out and support wherever you are located. For more information, please write to us