How Today’s Most Innovative Law Firms Use Relationship Intelligence to Drive Business Development Success

It’s not news that law practices have become increasingly more competitive in recent years. As a result, firms of all sizes are re-focusing their efforts on protecting their current client base while also expanding their business development efforts. Unfortunately, law firms still struggle with two fundamental business development issues.

  • How do we identify, capture and connect our firm’s most important contacts?
  • How do we leverage our firm’s and our lawyer’s relationships to win more business?
  • How can we do this if our lawyers won’t consistently use a CRM system?

The answer? Advanced contact processing and relationship intelligence – an emerging platform that aggregates a series of Microsoft technologies to deliver the tools that law firms need to address the challenges above.

Watch our legal360 webcast as we answer these questions and provide key insights based on our experience working with high-profile law firms around the world to help them improve their business development practices. Learn how your firm can drive stronger client relationships and business development success, including:

  • How technology is impacting the competitive landscape in the legal industry
  • What lawyers really need to protect existing client relationships and grow their practices
  • Current trends in legal business development and marketing
  • The importance of advanced relationship intelligence in law firms
  • How legal360 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 have attacked these unique needs
  • Global law firm success stories and best practices

legal360 is Microsoft’s Global Industry Partner of the Year with over a decade of experience assisting law firms with industry best practices, consulting, implementation, and successfully deploying the Dynamics 365 platform.

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