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Elevate your business

Power up your business with a Microsoft Cloud foundation that scales with it. From customer engagement to finding avenues for sustainable growth, evergreen and empower create value faster with less hassle.

Microsoft Cloud foundation
Microsoft Cloud foundation

Built for the modern world

Growing businesses need an ERP platform with the flexibility and utility to both scale alongside them and create valuable insights. evergreen and empower centralize data in one place and generate detailed reports on potential growth areas. Team members can focus their efforts on making innovative decisions instead of gathering scattered data sources.

All wrapped up in a bite-sized package

Priced monthly and charged per active user, evergreen + empower grow alongside businesses and help them achieve their best results. Whether teams need a system that enables them to drill deeper into their data or generate intuitive and actionable reports, sa.go! gives businesses the support, training, and expertise to develop a company ready-made for the modern world.

Cloud Foundation

Create meaningful client engagement

Outstanding customer engagement is the surest way to grow a profitable business. offers a complete suite of CE solutions in one place, perfectly embedded within Microsoft Teams. Companies will save time finding areas for business development and instead promote better, more impactful engagement where it counts.

“This is just phase one of our projects. We have taken the opportunity to review all business processes with the aim of streamlining the way we handle our information.”

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