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Forge new paths to collaboration

Make seamless collaboration a natural part of your workday with evergreen and empower’s fully interconnected system.'s Collaboration practice
business collaborations with evergreen and empower

A constant flow of information

A streamlined network of databanks operates behind the scenes to collect, collate, and distribute the information businesses need to thrive.

Share client details, relationship metrics, task completion, and more with the people who need it as soon as they need it. Team members can work together efficiently from the office, at home, or on the go.

Microsoft Foundation and collaboration

“It’s about as good as it gets. was extremely thorough with what was a highly complex implementation that has transformed our capacity to expand our business and accept new channel partners.”

Make decisions that count

synchronize data automatically

With data synchronized automatically and in real-time, businesses can efficiently make more impactful decisions.

Create reports for individuals

Create reports for individuals, teams, or the entire business, to collaborate on the best ways to move forward.

Empower team leaders with the insights

Empower team leaders with the insight to assign tasks to people with the most appropriate skill set.

collaboration by evergreen and empower

Create focus on the areas that will add the most value, and collaborate with a toolkit built to work for businesses, no matter where they are.

modern working with sa.go!

Easier than ever to be a part of it

From collaborative working to seamless data integration within Microsoft Teams, the tools to upgrade businesses to the modern working world are all wrapped in one complete package. sa.go! gets teams from zero to hero in as little as three months without any of the typical hassle to create a pain-free environment for businesses to thrive.

seamless data integration within Microsoft Teams

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