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Fortify your resilience

Secure your business while raising it to greater heights with a Microsoft-centric system solution built for the modern working world.'s Resilience practice

Manage a hybrid environment

Work securely from anywhere with a solution embedded within Microsoft 365. Databanks automatically store and share data with teams across the business no matter where they are. This creates a seamless hybrid environment with security that companies can trust.


Confidently store and access your data in a monitored and highly secure databank managed by Microsoft. Systems use multi-layered, built-in security measures to adapt and defend against evolving threats to ensure data is stored safely within the cloud.

Simplify work processes

Creating lasting value with a streamlined workflow for ultimate efficiency. Staff have everything they need to work on presented to them in one place with access to information they need entirely stored on the cloud.

Migrate with ease

Move online in waves to create a pain-free migration, or work with's data migration experts to find the best solution for your business's unique requirements. Support is provided every step of the way to safely, securely, and quickly migrate data onto Microsoft Cloud.

Full potential without the risks

With data securely stored online, staff can access the information they need from anywhere and share it seamlessly using Microsoft Teams. Work more efficiently and drive impactful, data-driven decisions with comprehensive reports using bespoke, role-based dashboards. Leverage AI to speed up communication, inform team members of updates and alerts, and keep track of billable hours in one place.

data sharing seamlessly using Microsoft Teams

“ had proven success within Logicalis. The support team was very easy to work with and was efficient in responding to and resolving our cases. The consulting team was professional, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile – always looking at alternative methods of improving processes and meeting our requirements.”

Unlock your
business with sa.go!

Securing your data is just part of the perks of switching to evergreen + empower. With sa.go!, businesses unlock the full benefits of a resilient, cloud-based system solution while empowering their teams to work and communicate more efficiently. Monthly payment plans add flexibility to the system to endlessly scale alongside your business and thrive with your team.

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