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Improve pipeline visibility with evergreen sales

Connected sales and marketing on a single platform

evergreen sales: Streamline your marketing and sales approach

evergreen sales offers a wide range of intelligent solutions to everyday challenges of your teams across marketing and sales. It improves visibility, automates repetitive processes, and organizes the operational aspects of marketing and sales. 

evergreen sales enhances the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 CE for project-based businesses. The capabilities are extended further by leveraging’s empower solutions.

Explore the features of evergreen sales

Automate contact collection by scanning the signature blocks of incoming emails to create potential contacts for subsequent review and conversions.

Enrich client contact information with more details over time

Score client relationship strength by tracking the frequency of communication across apps like Microsoft Teams and Outlook

Plan and execute marketing campaigns to target list of prospects through a variety of communication channels

Track marketing campaigns with metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to make data-driven decisions to fine-tune existing campaigns and plan future ones

Analyze customer behavior to segment them for campaigns and personalize messages

Create a lead and attribute it to the right source, capture information such as stakeholders and competitors, and track progress of the lead

Manage opportunities better by capturing relationship intelligence gathered through sources such as social insights and app integrations

Assign and track tasks such as proposal creation and also track status changes such as opportunity won.

Extend the capabilities of evergreen sales with empower

empower is our suite of productivity solutions specifically crafted for project-based businesses, helping extend the capabilities of the evergreen platform.

evergreen and empower
Good alone, great together

sa.go! Get faster time to value from evergreen sales with rapid implementation in a matter of weeks.

sa.go! comes bundled with a host of services like envisioning workshops to help you get the best-fit solution.