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Get intelligent time suggestions

Effortlessly capture billable hours across the Microsoft Cloud
with empower suggested time.

empower suggested time
timesheet process simplified

The timesheet process, simplified

empower suggested time enables your team to effortlessly and quickly submit accurate timesheets.

Receive intelligent suggestions for timesheet entries based on your activities, ensuring no billable time slips through. Make time submissions directly within the application, eliminating the need to log in to multiple systems.

Time tracking made easy

Get intuitive suggestions for time spent on daily tasks with empower suggested time.

Automated time capture

Track your billable work hours effortlessly across Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook, Teams, and Calendar, while collaborating, creating, or editing documents. Say goodbye to manual entry and ensure your timesheets are always up to date.

Track billable work hours
Automate timesheet entries

Intuitive, contextual suggestions

Receive helpful suggestions for timesheet entries based on your work activity. Easily review, edit and submit time suggestions to ensure accurate submission and billing, saving time on data entry.

Streamlined timesheet submission

Submitting time shouldn’t take time. Automate repetitive and time-consuming steps with ‘quick tags’ for frequent clients and projects, enabling submission within a few clicks.

Streamline timesheet submission

Good alone, great together

Designed specifically for project-based businesses, evergreen is the heart of empower solutions.

empower solutions draw data from the evergreen platform to bring users contextualized information based on their project roles and requirements.

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