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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Control your costs with flexible purchasing options

How to buy Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be purchased from either of Microsoft’s licensing programs. There are essentially two programs – Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Here are a few features of the two programs to help you choose one that best suits your requirements.

Advantage Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Enterprise Agreement (EA)
No commitment and the option to cancel at any time
Three-year agreement, with a minimum commitment of 500 user licenses
Monthly (Lower initial investment)
Annually upfront for the full year including back-charges for users that were added
Reduce user counts
Anytime (Flexibility to accommodate changing economic conditions and organizational needs)
Once per year with 30 days’ notice. Additionally, need to maintain a minimum of 500 users
24×7 support from partner with priority access to escalated Microsoft Premier Support. Dedicated partner consultants with details of your account and environment.
Basic support from Microsoft. Additional cost for Premier Support. No dedicated team that understands your account and environment.
Detailed Billing
Yes (Greater transparency)
No is a direct CSP partner. So, if that is
the option you are considering, do get in touch with us

Dynamics 365 pricing increase: Take action now and save!

Microsoft recently announced a price increase for Dynamics 365 effective October 1, 2024. The price increase will affect existing clients upon their renewal on or after October 1, 2024. However, there are alternative steps you can take now to potentially lock in the current pricing:

  • Existing clients – renew before October 1st, 2024: This is the most straightforward option for existing clients with upcoming renewals. By renewing early, you’ll secure the current pricing for your entire renewal term.
  • Convert to a 3-year term (existing clients with annual/monthly NCE licenses): If you have a current annual or monthly license, consider converting it to a 3-year term. This will lock in the current pricing for the entire 3-year period.
  • All clients: Contact to discuss your options and potentially lock in pre-increase rates from 1-3 years.

Don’t wait! Explore ways to save on your Dynamics 365 solutions today.

Flexible purchasing options

Dynamics 365 offers flexibility by segmenting its ERP and CRM functionalities into applications that can be purchased as needed. You can opt for a base license, the initial application purchased at standard pricing, or attach licenses for additional applications at discounted rates following the base license.

In light of the upcoming price increase for Dynamics 365 effective October 1, 2024, it’s crucial to plan your purchasing strategy wisely. For detailed pricing information effective October 1, 2024, please visit our blog here. You can view the current pricing below.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing and Licensing Cost
To purchase a Customer Engagement Application's attach license, the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution base license must be the higher priced SKU. All pricing subject to change. Please consult with us for latest pricing.
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