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First-class project delivery

Go pro on professional services with evergreen by Get the best out of talent, projects, and technology by seamlessly embedding in the Microsoft solutions your team uses today.

Microsoft Teams project delivery

Create a cross-functional hub

Bring cross-functional teams into one collaboration space, enhancing the use of Teams with advanced project management capabilities.

Align communication

Align communication across the full client lifecycle from bid to delivery to retention, on desktop or mobile, home-based, office based, or on client sites.

Keep eyes on the prize

Gamify a culture of accountability with intuitive objective and key result dashboards, connecting back to projects, cashflow and wider Microsoft solutions.

Work smarter

Plan for success through document version control, live collaborative editing and task assignment - all native to where you’re working today.

Beat burnout by leveraging untapped talent

Maintaining a healthy workload across your most valuable resources is critical to ensuring teams are happy and healthy. With evergreen, gain a complete view of workload and performance analysis, to proactively identify risks, overcommitted resources, and opportunities to delegate work to untapped talent.

“We wanted to empower our teams with relevant and timely reporting to act quickly. The solution delivered by has helped us unlock our data and given us data discovery and analysis capabilities to improve our decision making and respond to the market in near-real-time.“

Feature favorites

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time insights into project health. Enjoy comprehensive data and metrics, from task estimation to financial forecasting, and adjust strategies as needed.

Avoid unpleasant surprises and keep clients in the loop. Use work breakdown structures, Gantt charts, and detailed project plans to reduce risks and boost client satisfaction.
Integrate seamlessly with familiar charting and data formats to continue analyzing and presenting project information how you like it.
Streamline project management to save time and cut down on errors. With customizable templates for everything from project planning to invoicing and automated approvals, evergreen makes it easier for your team to focus on what truly matters.
Collaboration platforms for project delivery

Strategic alignment

Gain a single view of past, present, and upcoming projects from bid to bill to make impactful decisions based on accurate, real-time data. Built-in dashboards track KPIs and progress and enable managers to assign the best team members to tasks suited to their skill set.

Upskill your team

Easily see areas for team improvement and identify where staff members excel in a particular skill set. Creating and assigning a growth plan is managed within Microsoft Teams and is adjustable anytime to align with your strategic goals.

Boost efficiency

Data is automatically stored behind the scenes in a cloud-based databank and assigned to the correct projects. From here, team members can swiftly access the information they need to complete projects on time and hit their targets.

Oversee finance

Take direct control of the billing and invoicing with flexible systems that empower businesses to make impactful financial decisions. Assign rates for individual clients or projects, accurately track billable time, and even set a standard rate across the company for added efficiency.

Technology integration for project management

Efficient working without the wait.

sa.go! transforms businesses into their best versions in as little as three months. Unlock your potential and empower teams to exceed their KPIs and efficiently manage their workload through the applications they use every day. evergreen and empower are wrapped up in a monthly subscription package to grow and thrive as you do.

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