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Simplify your operations, upgrade your efficiency

A complete financial management solution combining invoicing, resource management, cash flow, and more in one platform.

financial operations with microsoft teams based applications

Let the cash flow

  • Manage the trickle-down effect of cash flow on your entire firm.
  • Enable finance to see accounts payable and receivable when they log on within Microsoft Teams.
  • Create custom dashboards to proactively monitor cash flow, identify trends, and shape the day.

Ready for anything

  • Create scenarios based on current and predicted data collected from a fully synchronized database.
  • Gain complete revenue visibility and make accurate, timely decisions as early as possible to prepare your business for any eventuality.

Effortless invoicing

  • Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting invoices on the fly according to client demands, location, or custom rates.
  • Rest assured that data is always secure, up-to-date, and accessible to everyone who needs it.

Tailored, flexible billing

  • Take advantage of a billing system that is flexible to suit your team, clients, and process.
  • Leverage a seamlessly integrated databank that synchronizes progress and changes across applications.
  • Create fixed-price, retainer, or any other contract in just a few clicks with the added adaptability to meet the right accounting requirements.
complete financial management solution

Reporting for duty

Intuitive to use and easy to find, reports let your team drill deeper into data and make better, more informed decisions faster than ever. Thanks to bespoke role-based reporting systems and dashboards, view critical information with no added clutter. Share reports with ease directly through Microsoft Teams and watch the system automatically store and update your data in seconds.

Microsoft Teams billing system
Microsoft Teams reporting system

Teamwork makes the dream work

Make tracking the progress of projects easy and stay as efficient as possible. Collaborating across teams is as simple as emailing with a fully automated and continuously updated databank and task delegation. Managers can see who’s doing what, what goals teams have, and more, all from Microsoft Teams. See specialist skills within teams and assign the best person for any job.

Get your financial edge in just three months

sa.go! will take you from signing the contract to launch day, without any hassles, in as little as three months. Avoid lengthy and expensive implementation while being fully supported up to launch day and beyond. sa.go! is billed on a per-month, per-user basis to grow and support your business in the long run.

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