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Innovative sales strategy meets marketing intelligence

Modernize your sales process and deliver a state-of-the-art commercial team with’s suite of business applications.

Made-to-measure marketing

  • Plan, execute, and track marketing campaigns in one place and watch the data pour in.
  • Make informed decisions by drilling deep into campaign data and see what's working or needs adjustments.
  • Find critical data using assistant-based prompts or commands in Teams.

Sell with confidence

  • Create, develop, and manage your business development process and pipeline.
  • Track tasks in one place to monitor long-term goals efficiently.
  • Share data across the business for easy access in the office, at home, or on the go.

Collaborate with excellence

  • Thrive with automated and streamlined repetitive processes.
  • Enjoy simplified, more effective ways to prioritize tasks.
  • Make data easy to find and easier to use, with everything your team needs for their workday in one hub.

Accurate data whenever you need it

Accurate and updated data is critical to the success of your campaigns and sales targets.

With evergreen, your database is always running in the background of Microsoft Teams to stay up-to-date as and when your team completes tasks automatically. Data is swiftly updated to drill deeper and make decisions faster, and signature scraping tools enable you to find client data and fill out forms at the touch of a button.

Microsoft Teams applications for Sales and marketing
Sales and marketing Collaborative solution

End-to-end sales management

Engage with sales data like never before in a fully cloud-based environment. Track, analyze, and make impactful changes across the entire sales portfolio in one place with the power to see how data impacts the overall business. When a new project starts, learn customer preferences to track and keep on top of client behavior.

Intelligent resourcing

Manage resources easily to keep projects on track despite last-minute changes.

  • Identify models and team structures from dashboards to implement the most efficient work processes for any job.
  • Match unique skill sets with specific tasks to increase project efficiency and crush KPIs.
  • Create training suggestions with the flexibility to implement unique development plans for every team member.
cloud-based business applications sales and marketing
Microsoft Teams for Sales and marketing

Work in style

The flexible nature of’s solutions empowers teams to work exactly how they want to.

  • Hit business development and marketing goals all from the familiar and friendly Microsoft Teams workspace.
  • Managers can distribute workload, delegate tasks, and use resourcing data to determine the best person for every job.
  • Project completion and delivery are fully optimized so teams can continue to work their magic.

Cater to your team, adapt to your needs

A successful commercial team is a collaborative one. With’s Microsoft Teams-based applications, staff can work together on campaigns, bids, scope, and budget to systematically delegate tasks. With a shared and easily accessible database of information, everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for, from the Microsoft tools they know and love.

reducing risk in project management
sa.go! for sales and marketing

Get ahead without the wait

sa.go! will get you from signing the contract to a fully supported launch date in as little as three months. We assist your team throughout the process and beyond with constant support after launch day to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. The system is an easy-to-buy, implement, and consume package with a monthly payment plan for infinite scalability alongside your business.


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