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Seamless solutions create outstanding law firms

With evergreen and empower, quickly and easily see who is working on a matter, which tasks have been assigned to whom, and what still needs to be done, entirely within Microsoft Teams. With everything stored in the cloud, finding matter information is easier than ever, enabling your fee-earners to spend more time working with their clients.

Build a connected client team

Empower your legal firm to foster strong client relationships with’s innovative solutions. Built on the Microsoft Cloud and honed by’s proven Microsoft expertise, evergreen and empower seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams.

  • Bring all processes from client onboarding to matter management and billing into Microsoft Teams.
  • Create a fully collaborative and consistent workspace for fee earners.
  • See the clients that colleagues are working on, measure the relationship strength with your clients, and track metrics to develop more substantial engagement, empowering you to build stronger client relationships easily.

From email to invoice with no data mess

Get closer to clients

  • Keep contacts up-to-date, automatically sharing data across applications for consistency.
  • Track relationship scoring data for growth opportunities.
  • Manage the complete client cycle from lead to invoice with fully integrated task delegation and client management systems.
  • Find qualifying leads faster with less hassle, based on realtime information and updates.

Bill with accuracy

  • Prepare and adjust invoices easily across offices, geographies, and currencies.
  • Edit rates on an individual client basis for added flexibility, or set a default rate and watch the system do its work.
  • Connect to matter and timekeeping records to create a seamless, simple, and synchronized workflow.
  • Confidently invoice clients with the knowledge that data is accurate every single time.

Connected finance for law firms

Drive financial management excellence for your law firm with

Keep time your way

evergreen and empower is complete with comprehensive time management software that makes it easy to log hours in versatile ways. Whether fee-earners prefer to track time using a play-timer as they work, at the end of a day, or based on meetings in Outlook, evergreen and empower allows for unique ways of working.

Gain assistance on demand

empower assistant delivers tools to stay productive and consistently hit goals both proactively and reactively with simple commands and notification settings. Quickly check daily, monthly, and weekly targets.

  • Set alerts and manage notification settings in Microsoft Teams.
  • Navigate information relating to departments, clients, matters, or tasks.
  • Record time against work.
  • Manage various HR processes such as leave bookings, sickness, or information updates.
  • Discover essential details as and when they emerge throughout the day through proactive notifications.

legal services, satisfied clients

Deliver a seamless client experience with the evergreen + empower suite

Your hub, your reports,
your way

Tailor views by role

Create a hub specifically designed for each role so staff can see exactly what they need to do their job without any clutter.

Dive deeper into reports

Gain deeper insights into data and make informed decisions faster with advanced reports. Base reports on a unified database and single version of the truth for a constant flow of accurate, data-driven information.

“When we went live with evergreen we turned off 11 legacy software products”

Building a modern legal practice at Fieldfisher

Fieldfisher, a London-based international law firm, transitioned to empower and evergreen. By making the switch, Fieldfisher turned off 11 legacy systems, brought its entire database into one place, and consistently saw increased productivity across the entire business. With evergreen + empower, Fieldfisher has completely transformed the way they operate for the better.

Already a heavy user of the Microsoft Suite, Fieldfisher saw’s platform as a natural and seamless transition toward a more dynamic and modern way of working. Fee earners can collaborate from home, abroad, or in the office. Offices in one of the firm’s eleven operating countries can efficiently work together on international matters, opening the doors to a fully interactive, infinitely flexible, and cooperative workplace.

Go from zero to hero in three months

While most software transitions can take several agonizing months to implement fully, sa.go! enables your business to fully adopt and use the platform in as little as three months from contract signing to launch day. Everything is on a single platform and entirely within the Microsoft Cloud for intricately interconnected data. Using platforms your team already uses daily will familiarize your entire business with the software to maximize painless adoption across your business. Everything is packaged in an easy-to-consume package paid per month per user for endless scalability and longevity.

Streamline your law firm to empower your business

Combine business development, client matter inception, time capture, billing, and financial management in a complete practice management solution, all seamlessly based on Microsoft Cloud.

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