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Flying blind on your projects?

Gain control to make better decisions, faster, for your software projects.

Real-time Data Analytics for Software Industry

Unlock control, clarity, and growth

Stop reactive project management! Gain up-to-date insights from bid to bill with data and analytics. Software services firms leveraging this approach have seen significant success.*


Improved efficiency and productivity


Made faster, more effective decisions


Achieved better financial performance

*The Global State of Enterprise Analytics, 2020 (

Industry-focused insights. Accelerated rollout. Powered by sa.go! 

Get your business up and running with powerful analytics and actionable data from day one, with sa.go! from

Here’s what sets sa.go! apart:

  • evergreen + empower: Leverage’s cutting-edge suite of solutions for analytics and insights, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. 110+ pre-built features eliminate implementation time-drain, ensuring immediate impact.

  • Secure & scalable: Scale effortlessly with your data residing securely in the Microsoft Cloud, fortified by industry-leading protocols and stringent compliance. 

  • Fixed scope, reduced risk: Launch your analytics swiftly with a defined project scope. Reach the market way ahead of traditional implementation timelines. 

  • All-inclusive: Enjoy the ultimate convenience with our all-inclusive package that includes implementation, licensing, and continuous updates.
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Maximize profitability with actionable insights  

Gain better visibility and control over your operations with the empower suite of solutions.

Service-centric organizations can now respond quickly to changing market dynamics, identify opportunities and drive profitable business outcomes.

actionable insights in Financial Analytics and Industry cloud solutions

Data talking to each other

Automate data collection and analysis easily with empower from Unify information from diverse sources into a single, standardized data lake. This "single source of truth" powers visualizations and analytics, providing multi-perspective insights for informed decision-making.

Up-to-date cash visibility

Gain up-to-date visibility into AP/AR, budgets, and future trends. Enable faster, data-driven planning with dynamic cash flow models for a future-proof financial strategy. Actively monitor cash flow within your workflow using empower’s intelligent platform.

Track revenue recognition

With the empower suite, view revenue, growth margins, and client performance in one place. Analyze resource use and billed revenue by region, access detailed balance sheets, and drill down for client and project details—all in one platform.

Get back to what matters – growing your business 

Finance heads at mature IT firms are increasingly prioritizing clear financial insights. Financial analytics facilitate this shift by providing answers to “why” rather than just “what,” “where,” and “how.”

Get dynamic financial analysis dashboards that handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on strategic planning and what matters most—ensuring your business thrives even in uncertain times.

Connected, efficient, profitable projects  

With the empower suite of solutions by, respond quickly to business opportunities, facilitate teamwork, and drive profitable project outcomes, in sync with business goals.

actionable insights in Project Analytics and Industry cloud solutions

Stay ahead of scope creep

Predict cost overruns, adjust budgets proactively, and manage all changes in one place with empower. Create resourcing models, make informed decisions, and implement with confidence for optimal resource allocation and project success.

Single source of truth for connected teams

Get a single-pane-of-glass view of your project lifecycle with empower from Track key metrics like resource utilization, budgets, and profitability with built-in dashboards. Ease communication across departments and address issues based on shared data.

Data-driven collaboration

Share clear, concise data visualizations with stakeholders to anticipate issues. Ensure everyone understands project goals. Make it easy to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource bandwidth for on-time project delivery.

Take a break from project firefighting 

Traditional project management juggles data from scattered systems. More often than not, it is experience-driven, instead of being data-driven.

By leveraging project analytics, you can shift from being a reactive firefighter to a proactive leader. Take control of your data and project outcomes. Don’t wait for the next fire drill—take action today!

Empower your business to thrive 

For 33 years, has been a Microsoft leader, solving industry problems with cutting-edge solutions, empowering businesses worldwide. Leveraging our deep understanding of industry challenges, we have created the evergreen and empower suite of solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

These solutions offer a connected, composable, cloud platform, giving you a single source of truth for your business data, streamlining analytics and enabling data-driven decision making.

The difference


3 Global Service Centers

Strategically placed Global Service Centers offer companies access to expert, award-winning support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


30 Years

Three decades of experience means businesses can be confident in's ability to deliver high-end functional and technical support.


11 Awards

As an 11-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, has the proven technical and service skills to empower global businesses.

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