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Why do project-based businesses need an integrated platform?

Project-based businesses like yours have distinct needs. You want to understand which projects to pursue and how much to charge, manage your resources efficiently, ensure your teams are optimally utilized, monitor project progress and cost, and maintain a healthy cashflow by billing accurately and getting paid on time.

Now, you could be using a custom, homegrown ERP solution or disparate systems for project management, time tracking, invoicing, resource planning, business intelligence and collaboration, or even spreadsheets to manage these functions. In an IT environment filled with multiple systems, your data is residing in multiple tools, which are not connected, leading to a lack of a consolidated view of projects.

An integrated platform addresses these challenges by bringing together all your functions – project management, resource management, billing and invoicing, human capital management and time recording. Connecting these functions gives you an extra layer of visibility to help you make decisions based on real-time information from across the project life-cycle.

An integrated platform that connects what matters most to you

microsoft dynamics 365 for project-based businesses

An integrated platform that connects what matters most to you

Read this eBook to learn how an integrated solution seamlessly brings all your project management needs under one hood.

evergreen + empower: A single platform for your project-based business

evergreen + empower are our true-cloud solutions for project-based businesses that integrate diverse systems on a single platform. Built from the ground up to leverage Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power Platform, evergreen + empower efficiently connect your teams, clients, and business processes to drive greater efficiency, better insights, and enhanced client service.

  • Integrate customer relationship management tools with proposals, contracts, and billing
  • Determine the relationship strength of a contact with a scoring system that measures the different interactions
  • Find the best connection path to the prospect
  • Take decisions based on scores of who is best to progress an opportunity with the prospect
  • Identify up-sell opportunities into project accounts
  • Manage pipeline with a unified sales and marketing dashboard

Get up to date, accurate, and intelligent client analytics with empower client

Learn more about our sales and marketing solutions

  • Align the right people to the right projects by leveraging easy-to-use resource planning tools that support both centralized and decentralized resourcing scenarios (remote working) to staff projects more efficiently as well as resolve resource conflicts instantly.
  • Ensure higher utilization rates and greater project margins with a solution that supports collaboration and communication.
  • View projects in pipeline and plan resources
  • Gain visibility into the status of projects
  • Reduce overservicing by identifying a project at risk of budget overrun
  • Shorten the project-planning cycle
  • Increase productivity with effective time capture and approval processes
  • Track billable and non-billable hours by project

Manage timekeeping and track work hours across projects with empower time

Reduce inefficiencies in approval workflow with empower approval

Learn more about our project delivery solutions

  • Improve cash flow by invoicing clients quickly
  • Support global, varied, and complex client billing with a powerful billing rules engine
  • Create accurate and efficient invoices with the ability to constantly view any additional scope/change to the project
  • Facilitate real-time access to inventory, WIP, sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations
  • Monitor project budgets to actuals, eliminating overruns
  • Gain visibility into project financial data including revenue, profitability, and cash flow with integrated finance and operations
  • Assess financial performance indicators against strategic plans
  • Predict future financial outcomes with Microsoft Power BI and built-in AI capabilities

Get up to date, accurate, and intelligent client analytics with empower client

Get data-driven financial insights with key metrics with empower finance

Learn more about our finance solutions

  • Organize and manage employee data effectively, for example, tracking employment contracts, tracking employee start/ leaving data, monitoring working hours, etc.
  • Analyze the skills gap to proactively hire or retrain resources and bridge the capacity vs demand gap
  • Create learning programs to improve engagement, productivity, and reduce employee attrition
  • Introduce self-service functions to reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction
  • Perform 360-degree employee reviews
  • View and maintain working patterns for employees and contractors
  • Perform payroll processing functions with ease by exporting employee data from evergreen to the third-party payroll system in specific templates, with updated details on starters/ leavers
  • Enable additional security roles within the organization to accurately reflect the make-up of HR Teams
  • Leverage HR functions that are embedded in the ‘flow of work’ – in Microsoft Teams, where employees spend most of their workday

Get an intelligent assistant embedded in Microsoft Teams with empower assistant

Karo Healthcare enhances employee experience with and Microsoft. Watch the webinar

Learn more about our Human Resources solutions

Learn how evergreen + empower can help you break silos, improve visibility, and enhance productivity.

Book your no-cost Microsoft Catalyst workshop now

If you have a vision for your project-based business but don’t know where to start, schedule a Microsoft Catalyst-certified workshop with our consultants – to investigate your project lifecycle for areas to accelerate, prioritize your challenges, and identify how to improve your project processes.

This no-cost session is a great opportunity for you to rethink your existing systems and see how Microsoft Dynamics applications can strengthen your project management processes.

Show and Tell: Overview and business impact of Microsoft Business Applications
Dynamics 365 for Professional Services: Walkthrough of evergreen + empower from
Data and Insights: Ready business apps, assistants, and report packs for Professional Services
Quick time to value: Get running in weeks, not months with sa.go!

Take the next steps to streamline your projects

Realize the value of evergreen + empower for your business
within 3 months with sa.go!

sa.go! by is a business-ready bundle of SaaS products and services that helps your business adopt a future-proof cloud platform, powered by the Microsoft cloud. sa.go! provides rapid value through a proven architecture, defined end-to-end tested processes, ready-to-use data models and report packs, advisory hours, and managed services – all packaged in an easy-to-consume, per-user per-month subscription price model which helps you scale your systems as your business grows.

For law firms

Transform the way your law firm works with evergreen + empower – a single solution that covers all the critical areas of your practice: from business development to finance and operations.

For IT Services companies

evergreen for IT Services serves the entire value chain of an IT Services firm managing core functions like project management, time and billing, scheduling, and onboarding.

For Ad & Mktg agencies

Turn the priorities of your advertising and marketing agency into growth with evergreen + empower – a cloud-based single-platform that supports you from bidding to billing.

For AEC firms

evergreen for AEc offers a single, integrated platform that connects all project data giving AEC firms the visibility to make teams more productive, and the firm more profitable. 

Want to get the benefits of an integrated platform for your project-based business?