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Has your business outgrown your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution

Evolution is the only constant. To stay ahead of competition, your business must be periodically assessed to ensure it is technologically capable of handling the challenges thrown at it. A primary check in this regard is your business management or ERP software – the digital backbone of any business.

In the case of Microsoft Dynamics NAV users, there are several symptoms that indicate the business has outgrown the solution. For instance:

  • You know you can improve sales if only you had details of who is not buying anymore
  • You know you could control Accounts Receivables better if you knew who was slipping on payment cycles
  • You are wasting time keying in information into the system rather than receiving it electronically
  • You fail to find the time for strategic tasks as you are completely tied down with day-to-day survival activities

In most cases, Microsoft Dynamics NAV users do not realize that these shortcomings are actually symptoms, which if left unchecked could have a negative impact on the overall business.

Watch this webcast to learn more about how you can identify these symptoms and take remedial action. The session throws light on:

  • Identifying Microsoft Dynamics NAV shortcomings (symptoms)
  • Methods to assess these tell-tale signs
  • How these symptoms can affect your business
  • Options to treat these symptoms
  • Importance of treating these symptoms immediately, especially since the pandemic is changing the dynamics of working


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SEA Regional Director,

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