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When an enabler such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets more and more mature, it gives one the ability to not just improve how things were, but to reimagine how things will be. You don’t use such disruptive technology to build a better mousetrap; you use it to reimagine and reshape things. labs is our initiative to drive our vision for AI. At labs, we are rethinking the role of AI and machine learning, to utilize AI for more than just record-keeping. By combining all sources of data – internal and external, structured and unstructured, from legacy and siloed systems; and giving it context, we want to lay the ground for building intelligence around that data.

We have started this journey with a specific focus on the legal industry to leverage our existing legal360 practice management solution for law firms. In order to reimagine and rethink, we have taken our 30 years of experience in providing CRM and ERP solutions to firms around the world, married it with leading edge of academia by collaborating with AI specific research institutes, and then looked to make it practical by working with a leading European multinational law firm in building solutions for the law firm of the future.

By bringing together research, solution, and business knowledge along with industry practicalities, we want to transform the legal industry through our AI-enabled legal solution. With this, we want to transform litigation processes and empower lawyers with proactive, intelligent, and virtual assistants to help them do better what they do today. And we call this ‘Augmented Intelligence’. We aim at transforming the way law firms work and helping lawyers with their cases… and with AI, the possibilities are endless!

As we celebrate completing 30 years as a company, we are publishing stories that have been part of tribal lore and served as inspiration to everyone at These stories epitomize what it is that makes us who we are and ultimately has led to us being so successful at what we do.

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