Stay motivated. Be successful. 

Stay motivated. Be successful. 

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. – Jim Rohn 

Imagine having a job where you learn something new every day and feel motivated to go to work. Well, you read it right. I LIKE going to work. Strange, but true!  

I am Partha, a technical consultant at It has been only a few months since I joined this company, but I am already in love with my job. So, what is it that motivates me to come to office every single day (let’s not think about the rush-hour commute for a bit)? 

At, if you ace the knowledge and expertise level expected from your role, then there is no stopping you. You are given full freedom to design or redesign a specific piece of functionality or anything that makes you feel that you can make a difference.  

I get to interact with people who have been associated with the organization and product for more than 10 years. The very fact that these people are here for so long fascinates and inspires me. After all, things can’t go bad when you have half of the team working here successfully for that long.     

If you are a fresher, hungry for experience and knowledge, I strongly recommend starting your career here. The team is always willing to help you and motivate you at any time. And for anyone who admires a healthy work-life balance, it is hard to find a better option.  

This is a great place to work, with supportive colleagues and wise leaders. Now, if this does not motivate you enough to get to work, I don’t know what will!   

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