Individually strong, collectively powerful

Individually strong, collectively powerful

With great power, comes great responsibility.

While most leaders consider themselves to be great influencers, what really makes a difference is how they can motivate and guide a company/business/team.

At, we believe in making sure every member in the organization feels empowered and encouraged to ask questions, provide suggestions, and even guide the teams through projects. An example of how we are a team of powerful and knowledgeable individuals is the execution of a project for one of our large clients – Quant.

As a global leader in Industrial Maintenance, Quant works with different kinds of industries such as paper mills and mining, to maintain their assets. The organization consists of 2,500 maintenance professionals across five continents. Quant was looking to reduce the cost of maintenance while improving the safety practices and plant performance. The organization required a solid cloud platform that would provide it with the strong backbone that is necessary to add the additional services that the clients and customers required.

Quant chose Microsoft Dynamics and, as it required the solution to be implemented in a short timeframe. The organization needed to consolidate its processes very quickly and be functional across all the 27 countries in a very short period of time.

While we have worked on (and indeed specialize in), multinational, multi-country, and multi-legal entity implementations, this project is special for all those who worked on it due to the extremely tight timelines. Having worked on similar projects before, we assessed the challenges that were likely to occur and guided the organization through those challenges. We rolled out the solution across 27 countries, in just nine months.

Throughout the project, we worked together as one entity, across geographies, motivating each other and guiding each other in completing a task. To us, this was proof of how powerful we are as a team and how we can deliver projects that seem unachievable.

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