Enhance collaboration in your law firm with Microsoft Teams

Enhance collaboration in your law firm with Microsoft Teams

The conservative legal industry has finally understood and accepted the importance of collaboration. This has led to collaborative initiatives that encourage the exchange of ideas, experience, and technology trends to help legal firms function better. Global events such as the Legal Geek, The Global Legal Hackathon, and The World Legal Summit are some of the most popular ones.

While there is a positive shift towards collaborating externally, internal collaboration within legal firms seems to be a challenge. This is mostly because, right from their training, lawyers are taught to adhere to the tried and tested methods of handling cases and referring to the history of cases. The focus is never on how collaboration with other lawyers can help them achieve the solution. However, it is important for lawyers to collaborate, share knowledge, and utilize different legal expertise within their firm.

To help lawyers and law firms tackle this issue, evergreen, our legal platform, utilizes Microsoft Teams with the solution. This makes communicating with the right person easier, seamless, and hassle-free. With Microsoft Teams, lawyers can not only chat with each other and exchange knowledge, but they can also upload and share documents, edit them online, access the various versions, and maintain clarity on the changes made and accepted.

Apart from collaboration between lawyers, it also fully supports them in areas such as time management. For instance, the Microsoft Teams integration comes in handy when a team lead needs to chat with a resource regarding the status of a missing timesheet.

Another great example would be with invoice management, where it allows the user to chat and share their screen with the invoice approver whilst remaining within the invoice approval form. All of this (and more) can be done through evergreen without having to navigate to a different application.

These additional features aim to help lawyers collaborate in a hassle-free and secure manner, saving time and costs.

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