Curiosity leads us down new paths

Curiosity leads us down new paths

Curiosity is an integral part of not just inventions and discoveries, but also growth – both personal and organizational. If you are not curious, you do not experiment, and so, never try something new, and hence never grow.

As an organization, we encourage new ideas and have always sought to foster a culture and framework that supports, nurtures, and mentors new thought processes. With this in mind, we launched a campaign called Curious Minds – to challenge the best minds in the company to think differently.

Teams were invited to brainstorm and present mobile app product ideas and prototypes. The main objective of Curious Minds was to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, continuous learning, and build a collaborative work culture. This was a runaway success because it gave our teams an opportunity to try something new. Employees are always busy with projects and deliverables, which at some point blunts the ability to think beyond regular work. We wanted to reignite the spark of ideating because we know our potential and our ability to do something brilliant.

Through this initiative we achieved our goal of challenging our team members to innovate and think outside the boundaries of their usual work. The other objective was to encourage people to learn skills which they typically did not need as part of their daily routine. During this initiative, a developer was not only coding as per the requirement but was also involved in other areas of the project such as ideation, conceptualization, development, and creating a marketing plan (not something they do on a regular basis).

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