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Our People

Completing 30 years is a huge milestone - a milestone that would not be possible without the support of our people. As a company, we have always ensured to stay true to our core values of being agile, capable, and committed. So, we decided to ask our people the behaviors pertaining to these values that describe them best. Here is a snapshot of what they said.

Our Company

In 30 years, we have grown from being a team of eight, to a large global organization of 700 employees. We have always encouraged a diverse, fun, and collaborative work culture in our organization. Here are a few quick statistics about where we stand today. 30 years

Our Journey

With three memorable decades behind us, we have more than three thousand stories! We decided to reserve most of these for fun conversations over a cuppa (or something stronger). So here is a sneak peek into some of our biggest moments over the years.
1990 - 2000 10 years


Started business in Belgium.


Rolled out our first SunSystems project across 12 countries.


Implemented our first SunSystems rescue project successfully.


Consisted of eight employees.


  • Started operations in France.
  • Started working with Great Plains and opened our office in Luxembourg .This was our first IP business.
  • Opened our office in the Netherlands.
  • Collaborated with M4 Systems for the very first time.


Began operations in India.
2000 - 2010 20 years


  • Began our Microsoft Axapta Practice to complement our (now Microsoft) Great Plains practice.
  • Opened our new office in the UK.


Released our first major core product development project for Microsoft - the Brazil, India, and China localizations.


Began operations in the USA.


Opened new offices in China, Singapore, and Morocco.​


Opened our office in Hong Kong.​
2010 - 2020 30 years


Launched projects360 – our vertical solution for the professional services industry.​​


  • Completed a decade of being in the Microsoft Dynamics AX business. ​
  • Have offices in 20 countries. ​ ​
  • Moved to the top 1% of all Partners with a place in Microsoft Inner Circle and have remained there ever since.​


Merged with Greenlight BTS in the USA and formed a 100+ team for sales and delivery for Microsoft Dynamics in North America.​


  • Bagged a place in CIO Review’s Top 20 Microsoft Solution Providers in India.
  • Was the first company to do a multi-country implementation of this product inhouse when Microsoft Dynamics moved to the cloud.


  • Acquired M4 Systems in Europe.
  • Started operations in Serbia.
  • Chosen as one of the few Microsoft ISV Dev Centres worldwide.


  • Merged with 360 Vertical Solutions in the USA.
  • Started operations in Switzerland.​​


  • Acquired LexisOne (the enterprise business solution for law firms) from LexisNexis​.
  • Opened offices in Germany, France, Nordics and Colombia.​


  • Acquired MicroChannel's Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
  • Launched evergreen - our legal technology platform.

Our Stories

We care about our people and our clients, and that is the key to our success. Our people have always been committed and passionate in helping us achieve our goals. Our clients have always had faith in our capability and supported us. This has helped us reach where we are today and we would like to share some of these stories with you.
  • 30 year celebration story

    Striking the right work-life balance

    Why do you think being dedicated is important? Doesn’t being dedicated to your work affect your work-life balance? How do you manage this?

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  • 30 year celebration story

    Our enthusiasm can be contagious

    The key to sales is enthusiasm – a salesperson who is not just passionate about selling, but also remains positive despite setbacks and never gives up.

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  • 30 year celebration story

    Being supportive – The backbone of our success

    Being an ERP consultant comes with great benefits, but it can also be very challenging and stressful. How often do you get support to handle stress?

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  • 30 year celebration story

    Collaboration knows no boundaries

    This mantra is at the root of all our functions at We believe that something incredible happens when teamwork and collaboration happen.

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  • 30 year celebration story

    Curiosity leads us down new paths

    Curiosity is an integral part of not just inventions and discoveries, but also growth – both personal and organizational. If you are not curious, you do not experiment.

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  • 30 year celebration story

    Individually strong, collectively powerful

    At, we believe in making sure every member in the organization feels empowered and encouraged to ask questions, and provide suggestions.

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  • labs labs – Why we do what we do labs is our initiative to drive our vision for AI. At labs, we are rethinking the role of AI and machine learning to utilize AI for more than just record-keeping.

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  • Stay motivated. Be

    Imagine having a job where you learn something new every day and feel motivated to go to work. Well, you read it right. I LIKE going to work. Strange, but true!  

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  • Our progressive culture sets us apart

    With our consultants working from either client sites or their home offices, we obviously have had a lot of experience in managing this remote working environment.

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  • The power of

    We are also proud to have amidst us a Microsoft Most Valuable Person (MVP) – an award that recognizes technology expertise and deep knowledge on Microsoft products.

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  • We are not just colleagues; we are a family

    In, when we talk about commitment as a core value, it is not just an expectation from the employees, but it is also the organization’s commitment TO its employees.

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  • A pragmatic approach is more successful

    Being a junior consultant is not as easy as it seems. As a fresh hire, you are expected to understand the business, the processes, and at the same time, work on the projects assigned to you.

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  • Exceeding expectations with a competitive approach

    It is said, “If you don’t have a competitive attitude, you don’t eat.” A winning, competitive approach is an incredibly effective inspiration in our quest for success.

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  • A friendly workplace culture leads to better collaboration 

    A warm, friendly, and candid workplace culture does not happen by chance. Nor can it be forced. For some organizations, culture is top-down, rarely reaching all employees

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  • Innovate. Create. Explore… Be dynamic 

    As, the company provides their employees with plenty of opportunities to prove themselves, supports and enables them to deliver beyond their own expectations.

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  • We welcome everyone and every part of everyone

    Being a diverse and inclusive workplace is important, but what this means and how it comes to life varies widely from one company to the next.

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