Microsoft Power Platform

Analyze data, build solutions, and automate processes

Microsoft Power Platform

business application platform

Modern businesses run on data. Marketing departments look at client data to speed up deal closing, human resources teams gather data to determine the best people to recruit, and business executives examine data to detect trends and outcomes. We interact with data throughout the day – to gain insights and make decisions.

As a Microsoft solutions partner for digital & app innovation, can implement the Power Platform and skill your workforce to use it effectively. You can rely on us to be your solutions partner for digital and app innovation.

Learn about evergreen + empower, our industry solutions built on Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Platform: Components

Power BI
Derive insights from interactive, real-time dashboards
Power Apps
Create custom, no-code apps to interact with data
Power Automate
Automate workflows to improve business productivity

How does Microsoft Power Platform empower innovation and drive impact?


11 time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner
Implemented Microsoft Dynamics in 80+ countries
Present in 25 countries across six continents
32 years of experience in the Microsoft platform
1 of 10 Microsoft vetted ISV development centers
Over 800,000+ Microsoft Dynamics users supported worldwide



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