Edan’s customer, Zijlstra Meubelen www.zijlstra.nl/, was upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 4.0 through the Offshore Upgrade services that sa.global offers to Microsoft Partners as a part of its Partner Enablement Programs.

Zijlstra is a specialized wholesaler and producer of occasional furniture. Considering the high degree of efficiency and planning that is required to operate in this niche of the furniture market, Zijlstra has been using Microsoft Dynamics™ AX since 2001 on all levels and disciplines of the organization. As a company policy, Zijlstra uses only Microsoft Dynamics™ AX in combination with Microsoft Office for their internal processes.

“The whole process from design, production by subcontractors worldwide and logistics is organized from Tiel in the Netherlands. From our central warehouse, more than 800 different models are available in stock for distribution to over 2500 furniture-retailers in most EC-countries, and Zijlstra realizes a 97% direct delivery from stock accuracy in this highly competitive market” says Marcel Zijlstra.

sa.global is one of the official “Offshore Upgrade Partners” selected by Microsoft and possesses the skill sets and methodology for a quick and reliable upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 4.0. This quick and cost-effective upgrade has made Zijlstra the first company in The Netherlands to upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 4.0 through the Offshore Upgrade route and hence making them more efficient and competitive.

The offshore upgrade was done between sa.global’s local office in The Netherlands with the offshore upgrade team at the AsiaPac Centre of Excellence in Bangalore, India. This was a perfect example of sa.global’s methodology of onshore project management and offshore development.

Dominique DeVos, Managing Director Edan, said, “We chose sa.global because they are a global Microsoft Partner that has a local presence in Western Europe. This was one of the important factors because we were immediately at ease when we knew that we could talk to someone who knew the local Dutch implementation and development scenario.”

“We were initially apprehensive about how the entire upgrade process would be handled. We were not sure about quality and if the project would be completed within the specified timeframe. sa.global put us at ease within the first few meetings with their deep knowledge and expertise on the offshore upgrade process,” was added by Gert Neetesonne, Edan’s operations manager and hence responsible for all technical aspects within their client base.

“By Outsourcing their upgrade to sa.global, Edan was immediately able to take the pressure away from their technical developers and they could focus on other ongoing implementations and on new business development” said Stephen James, CEO, sa.global.

About sa.global

sa.global provides global solutions and services around Microsoft Dynamics™ AX.

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