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When it comes to procuring licenses for your Microsoft Business Solution, the most common approach is to procure them through your selected Partner. Partners authorized to do so are designated Cloud Solution Partners (CSPs). The CSPs are authorized to sell cloud-based licenses for Azure, Dynamics 365, and Office 365 on behalf of Microsoft. Besides licenses, these partners provide technical support, expert guidance, and value-added services to enhance your Microsoft Cloud experience.

Types of Cloud Solution Partners (CSPs)

There are two types of CSPs: tier 1 and tier 2.

Microsoft sets stringent qualifying parameters to recognize a CSP partner as tier 1, while tier 2 partners are more of an attempt to penetrate deeper into the market. Most tier 2 CSPs cater to fewer vendors and lack adequate CRM processes. Tier 2 CSPs – also known as indirect CSPs – are required to purchase licenses from distributors and resell them to end clients. is a tier 1 partner across the globe.

Opting for a tier 1 CSP results in cost benefits associated with a shorter supply chain.

Why choose a tier 1 CSP?

There are several advantages of going with a tier 1 CSP like The most important of them is our ability to converse directly with Microsoft on behalf of clients like you. Besides, since we deal directly with Microsoft, the supply chain is shorter without middlemen and the consequent ‘cuts.’ Also, we can customize solutions specifically for your business needs by working closely with Microsoft. A prime example of such a collaboration is our verticalized Microsoft Industry Cloud solutions for project-based businesses – evergreen and empower.

We are a CSP that brings you 24/7/365 availability via our Managed Services through strategically located Global Service Centers.

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