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Caroline Miller is the Group CFO and drives Business Transformation throughout With a finance background and having worked in many roles within the business for almost 25 years, she is also responsible for overseeing the Group’s Financial strategy.

Caroline has been with almost since the beginning, as a client in 1990 and then joining the team in 1997. Prior to her current role, Caroline led some of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementations in the history of, helping clients from New Zealand to the USA.

Caroline moved to Belgium in 1990. When weather and time permit, she still races a sailing dinghy with her husband. Family is hugely important and enabled her to balance and combine an interesting, intense, and rewarding career with raising a family. Her downtime and thinking time is when she goes for a walk or a run, or cooking, and traveling back to the UK to catch up with that side of the family.


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