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Three reasons to lift your ERP software to the cloud

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Discover how cloud ERP offerings outweigh on-prem ERPs

Deploying an ERP solution on the cloud can bring immense cost and efficiency benefits to your organization. With the numerous possibilities that cloud opens up, Microsoft offers a cloud-based solution that combines the classic ERP functions with modern business intelligence functionalities, Office 365 integration, and CRM applications – for your business requirements.



Watch our webcast where speakers from and Microsoft discuss the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can improve on-prem customer experience:

  • Lower infrastructure overhead: The cloud-based ERP solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used everywhere without the large infrastructure footprint of on-premise solutions or hosted by partners.
  • Integrate with other platforms: Microsoft Dynamics 365 extensively integrates with other platforms such as Office 365, SharePoint, Cortana Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications, and Power BI – integrated and powered by Microsoft Azure.
  • Improve BI: With access to AI powered analytical services and comprehensive sets of business data, Microsoft Dynamics 365 outstrips previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics in terms of reporting and business intelligence.




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