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empower suggested time
Intuitively capture
billable work hours

Time suggestions based on your work activity

Intelligent and intuitive time capture across
Microsoft Outlook, Teams, documents, and more

Enable your team to effortlessly and quickly submit accurate timesheets. With empower suggested time, your team members benefit from intuitive suggestions for time spent on daily tasks like emails, document collaboration, and meetings. The solution provides intelligent suggestions for timesheet entries based on such activities so that no billable time slips through. Plus, you can make time submissions directly within the application, eliminating the need to log in to multiple systems.

Discover the benefits of empower suggested time

Bring accuracy to invoices and gain client trust

Account for all billable time and prevent revenue leakage

Close books faster with on-time visibility into billable hours

Automate repetitive and time-consuming timesheet entries

Enhance employee experience and foster productivity

The capabilities of empower suggested time are enhanced when connected to evergreen

Designed specifically for project-based businesses, evergreen is the heart of empower solutions.

empower apps and solutions draw data from the evergreen platform to bring users contextualized information based on their project roles and requirements.

evergreen is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure. It is an integrated Microsoft Cloud platform that covers professional services functions like sales and marketing, HR, project delivery, and finance.

evergreen and empower
Good alone, great together

sa.go! Get faster time to value through rapid implementation of evergreen