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empower pulse: A focused workplace for information, actions, and insights

Foster collaboration and productivity by bringing relevant information into the flow of work

Bring information from varied sources under one umbrella

empower pulse is a real-time personalized dashboard that offers easy access to role-specific information such as client projects, work assignments, time and expense reports, project status, and more. Embedded in Microsoft Teams – the popular collaboration tool where people spend most of their time, empower pulse interacts with underlying business applications to bring information into the flow of your daily work, thereby eliminating the need to switch between applications and screens.

empower pulse – specifically for employees, project roles, and teams

empower pulse provides customizable workspaces for different roles in the organization. It can even be personalized to reflect your organization’s brand palette.

Access information about projects, tasks, leaves, and time recording
Track time recorded against targets
Get notifications on timesheet submissions, time-based targets and more
Get information based on assigned project roles (budget spent, task status, billing, etc.)
Access quick links to interact with data sources
Track industry-specific key financial metrics
Get a secure Microsoft Teams group for people on specific projects
View snapshots about last invoice, outstanding items, and WIP
Conduct secure discussions, arrange calls directly in Microsoft Teams for calls, and review performance of team members

Discover the benefits of empower pulse

The capabilities of empower pulse are enhanced when connected to evergreen

Designed specifically for project-based businesses, evergreen is the heart of empower solutions. 

empower apps and solutions draw data from the evergreen platform to bring users contextualized information based on their project roles and requirements.

evergreen is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure. It is an integrated Microsoft Cloud platform that covers professional services functions like sales and marketing, HR, project delivery, and finance.

evergreen and empower
Good alone, great together

sa.go! Get faster time to value through rapid implementation of evergreen