What is Popdock, and how can it transform the way you work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Business Central, and other solutions?

 August 18, 2022 | 2-3PM ET

Event Details

Popdock is an online reporting tool to create lists, download to Excel, view charts, and more. This webinar will explain what Popdock is, show you a demo of the platform and discuss how you could benefit from using it every day! 

Popdock works with Dynamics GP, Business Central, and many other applications allowing you to connect your data and view it from anywhere. If you currently own SmartList Builder or SmartView, get the details here on the promotion available to add Popdock while keeping your current functionality. Learn more about Popdock and how it can enhance your systems and reporting.


  • Explanation of Popdock
  • Demo of Popdock
  • Usage scenarios
    • GP
    • Business Central
      • Including GP to Business Central conversion usage
    • Others
  • Popdock offer for GP clients who own SmartList Builder or SmartView from eOne.

Who should attend?

Microsoft Dynamics
GP users


Dynamics 365
Business Central users

Meet the speakers

John Kirsch, GP Practice Lead, sa.global
John Kirsch

GP Practice Lead


John Kirsch, Microsoft GP Product Lead at sa.global, has more than two decades of work experience in Microsoft Dynamics GP as a consultant, user, IT support, and controller. His breadth of experience includes working with hundreds of GP implementations. He has extensive experience with SQL and performance tuning and report writing using Excel, SSRS, and other tools. On the functional side, John has expertise in the distribution modules, including inventory, sales order processing, and purchase order processing. 

John has vast knowledge of and experience with SmartConnect integrations with GP and other ERP systems, including Business Central. John is also experienced with other technologies, including Windows Servers, Azure, and Power BI.

Jonathan Crowell, SMB Account Manager, sa.global
Jonathan Crowell

SMB Account Manager


As Account Manager for our SMB team, Jonathan concentrates on enhancing the customer experience while maximizing the benefits of the Dynamics Platform and our services at sa.global. 

A self-proclaimed technology nerd, Jonathan brings extensive expertise in the Microsoft stack to his work with clients. His engagement with industry trends — combined with his excitement about new and emerging solutions to customer challenges — informs all aspects of Jonathan’s sales and relationship management projects with new and existing clients.


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