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Deliver a seamless client experience with the evergreen + empower suite, a powerful legal service delivery platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Legal Service Delivery platform

Streamlined services for better client care  

Enhance your legal practice with evergreen and empower, automating tasks and providing real-time updates for exceptional client service.

evergreen for legal

Enhanced transparency builds trust

Clients seek clarity and reassurance throughout the legal process.'s evergreen suite of solutions enables fee earners to keep clients informed with real-time updates and progress reports. Stay on top of things with a secure and connected platform, strengthening communication, transparency, and trust.

empower for legal

Improved efficiency means more time for clients 

evergreen + empower automate repetitive tasks such as timekeeping, data updates, report generation, and analytics. This frees up valuable time for fee earners to focus on what matters most: providing strategic legal counsel and personalized attention to clients.

evergreen for legal

Focus on client needs,
not software

With evergreen + empower, fee earners spend less time struggling with complex software and more time building strong relationships with clients. The intuitive interface and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams minimize the learning curve and ensure user adoption. 

Unlock client value

In today’s digital age, client expectations are soaring. But are your disconnected systems and fragmented processes holding you back?

Discover the power of a connected service delivery platform in the e-book – Making every client interaction count. Learn how to streamline communication, improve client collaboration, and position your fee earners to build strong relationships and exceed client expectations.

Legal Service Delivery platform

A connected approach

evergreen and empower from streamline communication and collaboration within your firm. Fee earners can easily access client information, case documents, and communication history within Microsoft Teams. This fosters a collaborative environment for faster turnaround times and better client responsiveness.

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sa.go! For Legal

Fast, efficient, and ready to sa.go! 

sa.go! delivers a tailored solution built for modern law firms with business-ready tools straight out of the box.

Get over 100+ features and 380+ business processes to optimize your team and increase profitability from day one. Have a global team? No problem. sa.go! is localized for twenty-four countries.

Replacing 11 legacy systems for a unified platform at Fieldfisher

Fieldfisher underwent a significant transformation, turning off 11 outdated legacy systems and consolidating its entire database into a unified platform. The adoption of evergreen and empower has resulted in tangible improvements in productivity across all facets of the firm’s operations.

This marks a significant step forward in the firm’s journey towards enhanced efficiency and adaptability in an ever-evolving legal landscape.

The difference


3 Global Service Centers

Strategically placed Global Service Centers offer companies access to expert, award-winning support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


30 Years

Three decades of experience means businesses can be confident in's ability to deliver high-end functional and technical support.


11 Awards

As an 11-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner, has the proven technical and service skills to empower global businesses.