Professional Services Automation for IT Services

evergreen + empower: A PSA solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Professional Services Automation for IT Services

Drive project productivity and profitability with a PSA solution

For an IT Services organization delivering billable work, you benefit the most from a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution. A PSA solution provides visibility into every aspect of the project delivery process from quote to cash – managing pipeline, financial management, project and resource management, and reporting. With a single source of real-time project data to track time, expenses, resources, and budgets, you can view performance metrics such as revenue, cost, utilization, and profit margins – helping you manage and measure service delivery at scale.

evergreen + empower are’s next-generation, true-cloud PSA solutions for IT Services organizations, built from the ground up to leverage Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and Power Platform.
Dynamics 365 PSA for IT services
A single Microsoft platform that integrates your data and processes to derive actionable insights.
Project management software for IT
‘true cloud’ solution that makes it easier to manage projects in a collaborated manner.
Dynamics 365 professional services automation
Design principles that allow you to work in the browser, Microsoft Teams, or on your mobile device.
Want to improve profitability of your IT projects with actionable insights?
Get insights on your performance metrics with evergreen for IT Services.

Six advantages of evergreen + empower

Take the next step to streamline project management

Sign up for an exclusive Envisioning Session with our experts where we gain an understanding of your current environment and identify areas that can be strengthened in your finance and project management processes.

This free session is a great opportunity for you to rethink your existing systems and see how Microsoft Dynamics applications can strengthen your project management processes – from planning projects to managing time and redefining project profitability. 

Agenda: Envisioning Session
Show and Tell: Overview and business impact of Microsoft Business Applications
Dynamics 365 for IT Services: Walkthrough of evergreen + empower from
Data and Insights: Ready business apps, assistants, and report packs for IT Services
Quick time to value: Get running in weeks, not months with business-ready evergreen

What to expect from a PSA solution?

What to expect from a PSA solution?
This eBook discusses how a PSA solution addresses the typical challenges of resource utilization, predictability, and budget leaks in IT Services firms and how the right tools can help you manage your projects and business better. 
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What to expect from a PSA solution?

Discover how’s PSA solution – evergreen + empower optimizes the key performance pillars of an IT Services organization – Finance, Project Execution, Client Relationships, and Talent, to deliver the best business outcomes.

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What to expect from a PSA solution?

evergreen for IT Services manages core functions like project management, time and billing, scheduling, and onboarding, helping you with on-time and accurate billing, improved resource utilization, and enhanced project profitability.

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