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Empower your finance

Gain a consolidated financial view of your business with empower finance.
empower finance
Financial insights

Precise financial insights

empower finance provides precise financial insights to help you make informed and strategic decisions.

Leverage up-to-date data to adapt your strategies effortlessly and utilize AI to predict cash flows for future readiness. Unify data across your organization, including entities across geographies, for a holistic financial view.

Financial planning made easy

Forecast, budget, and plan better with empower finance.

A unified view of your finances

Break down data silos and unify financial information from across your organization. Gain a comprehensive and up-to-date view of your financial health for informed decision-making.

financial planning
cashflow forecasting

AI-powered cashflow forecasting

Leverage the power of intelligent forecasting to predict future cash flow accurately. Predict and prioritize cash inflows and outflows based on accounts receivables and payables to ensure you always have the necessary resources to support your business operations.

Actionable financial intelligence

Go beyond basic reporting to translate complex financial data across countries and currencies into actionable strategies. Access up-to-date insights to optimize financial performance, identify cost-saving opportunities, and drive growth.

optimize financial performance

Good alone, great together

Designed specifically for project-based businesses, evergreen is the heart of empower solutions.

empower solutions draw data from the evergreen platform to bring users contextualized information based on their project roles and requirements.

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