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ACCelerate implementation methodology

Maximize efficiencies and minimize costs with an agile implementation process for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Maximize your return on investment with faster time to value

Streamline and shorten the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation process with the ACCelerate methodology, maximizing your return on investment. Prevent over-delivery and scope creep, transforming even the roughest idea into a quantifiable one with tangible results. Reduce the risk of unexpected costs and delays, and benefit from a stronger bottom line for your organization.

Success factors

Sound implementation methodology

Pre-defined business processes

Proven approach across industries

Transparent and collaborative communication

Based on 30+ years’ experience

Flexibility for changing demands

How does ACCelerate work

ACCelerate breaks down a project into individual steps – Prepare, Agile Design and Build, Deploy, Go Live and Hypercare, and Maintain (as illustrated below). Each phase outlines activities to be completed at that stage of the project as well as roles and cross functional workstreams. These steps are complemented by agile principles and a sprint framework, which drive iterative development and collaboration between functional teams.

Sprint cycles to respond to change

Geared towards continuous improvement, the sprint cycles bring in increased flexibility and adaptability to change. The sprint framework supports collaboration, communication, and coordination for faster detection of issues and turnaround time. By ensuring all project documentation is stored in a single shared repository, both teams can keep a watch on project efficiency and facilitate on-time and on-budget project completion of projects.

ACCelerate project tool kit

Azure DevOps

Microsoft Teams

Life Cycle Services (LCS)

Regression Suite Testing (RSAT)

Data Task Automation (DTA)

Project Progress Tracking

All project documentation is stored in a shared Teams site

Environment Management

Automated testing

Repeatable testing of integration data

Team Collaboration

Tracks documentation required during Project Delivery

Code deployment

Repeatable testing of business processes

Business Process Scope

Team Communication

Microsoft issue tracking

Task Recording

Customization Delivery

One Version readiness

Risk and Mitigation Tracking

Regular Microsoft updates

Test Management

Discussion points

Why use ACCelerate

ACCelerate combines our deep product knowledge with industry experience. The methodology can be scaled to any size of business and adapted to any project (single/ multi-site, global). By providing a consistent approach and a standard set of tools and templates, ACCelerate drives productivity and project efficiency.