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Manage trials seamlessly

evergreen by delivers a solution that enables your contract research organization to make informed, data-driven decisions faster with a comprehensive overview of projects and trials. Seamlessly native to Microsoft Teams, projects are viewable with just a few clicks, empowering enhanced collaboration across trials, departments, and offices.

Microsoft Industry Cloud Solution

Your time, your terms

Carefully track billable hours, time spent on a project or trial, and more, with timekeeping solutions in empower. Start a timer to log time in realtime, or input records retrospectively. Leveraging Microsoft 365 data to scrape meetings and emails, complete missing time entries in as few as three clicks.

Plan holidays, sign in for sick leave, and take action from Teams. Updates to availability are immediately and seamlessly shared with managers so they can plan their trials and projects accordingly and adapt to resource changes on the fly.

Microsoft Cloud solution for contract research organizations

Hassle- free billing

With evergreen and empower, billing is simple and flexible to suit business needs.

View critical metrics at a glance and drill deeper into the data for accurate billing and adjustments across offices, continents, and currencies.

Automatically fill invoices with client information and adjust payment rates for each client or set a base pay rate and let the system do the work.

Connect to timekeeping logs and rates, creating a simple, seamless invoicing experience.

Report in

  • See how projects are progressing and leverage data to adapt to trial changes.
  • Organize reports on dashboards within the Hub, a central dashboard with tiles and charts to quickly see how projects, trials, and teams are doing.

Be resourceful

  • Role-based views adapt to the needs of every individual.
  • Subscribe to alerts and relevant updates to stay on target.
  • Immediately learn about changes as they occur.
  • Delegate tasks, track progress updates, and get a quick view of resource availability.
Microsoft Cloud solution for contract research organizations

Manage trials in style

Built on Microsoft Cloud and optimized based on’s deep Microsoft expertise, evergreen and empower provide everything you need to manage clients and build strong relationships.

  • Onboard new clients with ease with a fully automated and synchronized database.
  • Empower teams to quickly check for conflicts of interest and ensure compliance from a simple Teams-based interface.
  • Keep data safe, secure, and entirely within reach whenever and wherever staff need it
  • Leverage signature scraping tools to keep client information up-to-date and readily available.

Up and running in three months

From signing the contract to launch day and beyond, sa.go! supports your transition to a new software solution as efficiently as possible. We offer post-launch support to ensure a pain-free transition in an easily consumable monthly package for endless scalability and longevity.

Since evergreen + empower are embedded in platforms your team uses daily, your entire business is already familiar with the software to maximize painless adoption across your business.

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