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Retail Management Solution

LS Central is a unified commerce solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, primarily for the retail and hospitality industry. It helps manage your business, both at the front end [Point-of-Sale (POS), inventory, merchandising, and e-commerce] as well as back-office functions. Such a unified approach allows you to react with more speed and efficiency when circumstances change, thus, minimizing risk and maximizing profits.

our 30-plus years of experience as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner ensures that your business transformation initiative remains on track.

LS Central: Functionalities

LS Central: Functionalities
Point-of-sale (POS)
Extend your POS terminal to allow your employees to view up-to-date inventory, check product details, deliver personalized services, access product recommendations, and more.
Product management
Inventory management
Staff management
Reporting and analysis
Mobile and e-commerce

LS Central: Benefits

  • Provide customers with detailed information, make the sale and perform inventory allocation within the store.
  • Engage with new customers and assist them in discovering and purchasing items with conversational commerce tools.
  • Upsell and cross sell with AI-powered product recommendations.
  • Allow employees to perform different functions across departments with the same system and interface used across both, the front and back end.
  • Reduce manual tasks and human-errors with automation.
  • Make informed decisions with real time business data.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of the business with one centralized platform.
  • Save on IT maintenance costs with a single centralized system.
  • Choice of on-premise, on cloud, or hybrid – depending on your preference.
  • Ensure consistent customer engagement by maintaining a consistent look and feel irrespective of the channel.
  • Deliver relevant and personalized offers and recommendations across all touchpoints.
  • Run loyalty programs that reward customers across channels.
  • Empower customers to engage and purchase products via multiple channels.
  • Systems can be configured to comply with different legal and fiscal requirements in the country of choice.
  • Allow headquarters to monitor the performance of every branch across locations or countries.
  • Central management of pricing, item, campaigns, offers, and promotions for better control.
  • Unified business processes and workflows across different channels, industries, and countries.

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