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Connected finance for law firms

Consistent law firm growth depends on insights, unified processes, and connection. enables finance teams to break down silos, gain firm-wide visibility needed to optimize ways of working, and identify opportunities for financial effectiveness.

Legal solutions suite

The power of connection’s legal solution suite is all about realizing the untapped potential of Microsoft in the modern law firm, and using every touchpoint of the business to drive financial management excellence. With Microsoft software being widely used across most law firms, evergreen – our platform for legal teams – fits neatly into the flow of work. Learn how firms can use this composable cloud platform to connect and streamline finance, practice management, and business development teams.

centralized financial management with legal solutions suite

Eliminate information silos

evergreen stops rogue spreadsheets by realizing the value of an integrated firm-wide finance platform. Mitigate budgeting challenges, track expenses effectively, and develop intelligent forecasting with a single version of the truth across the firm. Centralized financial management enhances visibility and control, improving accuracy and reducing the knock-on effect of oversight.

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Unlock profitability with legal solutions suite

Unlock profitability at every level

The evergreen platform empowers law firms with data-driven insights, enabling a clear and compelling view of the finances. Generate powerful live dashboards based on work type, geographic location, fee earners, client type, and practice. With the interconnected insights from empower – our solution that extends the capabilities of evergreen and surfaces relevant data – teams can optimize resource models, payment methods, and pricing strategies to maximize profitability.

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Handle multicurrency transactions and automate invoicing with composable cloud platform

Exceed the expectations of international clients

The evergreen platform effortlessly handles multicurrency transactions and automates invoicing in alignment with diverse billing preferences. It connects resources and billing across offices, countries, and currencies by unlocking the power of a shared Microsoft platform. This reduces errors, enhances transparency, and enables you to meet the demands of international clients.

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Playbook release

The integrated imperative: Driving finance to achieve legal excellence

As a law firm CFO, are you looking to tap into the power of cloud, AI, and automation? Our playbook offers insights into this and the roadmap to achieve legal excellence. Explore how a connected, composable cloud platform can give your firm a competitive edge.
Composable Cloud Platform Solution with's Legal Suite

Replacing 11 legacy systems for a unified platform at Fieldfisher

Fieldfisher underwent a significant transformation, turning off 11 outdated legacy systems and consolidating its entire database into a unified platform. The adoption of empower and evergreen has resulted in tangible improvements in productivity across all facets of the firm’s operations.

This marks a significant step forward in the firm’s journey towards enhanced efficiency and adaptability in an ever-evolving legal landscape.

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